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Vanishing Point
Zero to one of the depictions correctly represent a vanishing point.
Vanishing point(s) are obvious in at least two of the types of perspective represented.
Vanishing points are obvious on at least three of the types of perspective used in this project.
Vanishing points are obvious via placement, size, lightness/darkness, detail, convergence, and overlap on all 4 types of perspective represented in this project.
Subject matter consists of basic shapes.
Some subject matter consists of basic shapes, but there is evidence of detail or shading that gives the shape a sense of uniqueness.
Subject matter is unique, detailed, shaded, and sized.
Subject matter is highly detailed, work goes beyond the use of cubes, is correctly sized, incorporates images that are highly detailed, shaded, and have a sense of depth and form.
Work Ethic
Project was not completed by due date.
Student was off task regularly and/or the project was not completed on time.
Work was done daily, but student did not put his/her all into the project from bell-to-bell.The project was completed on time.
Work was done daily from bell-to-bell, no time was wasted. The project was completed on time.
Many stray marks are seen and are difficult to discern from the subject matter.
There are a few stray marks that are obvious, but the work still adheres to the directive.
All stray marks have been erased, but there are some faint erased marks that can be seen.
All orthogonal/convergence lines not incorporated into subject matter are absent from the work. There are not stray marks on the work.
Student consistently misused tools and did not put them away.
With the exception of two times, student followed proper tool use and cleanup.
With the exception of once, student used tools properly and put them way in their proper place.
Student was consistent in properly using tools and putting them back in their place at the end of class.

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