Rubric for Greek Mythology
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Overall research and presentation.
Doesn't stay on topic. Poor management of time. Provided to present. Factually flawed information with no resources to back it up.
Minimal typos and grammar mistakes. Minimal eye contact and unclear speaking voice unorganized information
organized information no typos no ending speech(just reading off of poster) good eye contact
had ending speech organized and relevant content Factually intact information good presentation makes eye contact
management of time
stutters and stumbles throughout entire speech. Minimal information. Final product not finished. Off task
Minimal information no visual aid or visual aid not completed unorganized and not completed
organized but not completed good amount of information not completed by the due date
organized completed on time material was executed eloquently onto poster
written presentation
full of typos barely any typing or writing topic not clearly stated and hard to understand
short and sweet but to the point while still being on topic organized Minimal typos
on topic no typos organized sufficiently long enough to get the point across to the audience
topic clearly stated organized Factually intact while still being interesting for the audience to listen to resources listed somewhere
preparation of presentation
not finished rushed looking work little to no information is stated throughout the entire presentation
still not finished but still somewhat organized little information is given on the topic does not make any clear sense
organized on topic finished day after due date reliable facts no information on where they got the facts.
Finished on time on topic resources are listed reliable facts organized
daily behavior
goofing Off distracting others Minimal work done Off task
still Off task quiet still not getting enough work done to pass the class
a lot of work is getting done quiet not keeping track of work real well still on the way to finishing on time
work is Finished on time if not early organized on track work is done neatly and efficiently

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