Sentence Combining
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Meaning: Is the main idea in the new sentence the same as the original sentences?
New sentence struggles to convey main idea based on original sentences.
New sentence conveys some meaning as original sentence but struggles in terms of being concise.
New sentence conveys main ideas of original sentences. New sentence is overall very tight, but could use some cleaning (maximum 1- 2 errors)
Sentence shows a complete thought and meaning is conveyed. New sentence conveys as much information as provided sentences in a more concise manner.
Clarity: Is the sentence clear in meaning? After one reading, can it be understood? Does it coincide with intended audience?
Sentence is unclear. It took several readings for sentence to be understood.
Sentence is relatively clear, but due to errors, it had to be read a few times to understand the author's intended purpose.
Sentence is clear and understood. Sentence is written with minimal errors (maximum 2-3 errors).
Sentence is clear and easy to understand. Sentence only needed one reading to understand meaning. One error maximum.
Coherence: Is the new sentence logical? Does it fit together smoothly?
New sentence is not logical, nor smooth.
New sentence seems to lack in logic but is smooth. Or, New sentence is logic, but author could work on smoothness.
New sentence is logical and smooth. But could be recombined in a more coherent manner.
Student's new sentence is coherent, and logical.
Conciseness: Does the sentence clearly express an idea without being "wordy"?
New sentence is wordy, lacks conciseness. The wordiness hinders the sentence's meaning.
New sentence is a bit wordy (with 2-3 errors) but meaning was understood with a few readings.
Meaning was understood because of conciseness of the new sentence, yet student could take out or add 1-2 new words to make an even tighter sentence.
New sentence is concise and author uses appropriate language and word use. New sentence is more efficient than given original sentences.
Mechanics: Is the sentence properly structured? Is there precise subject, noun, verb agreement? Is the sentence demonstrating what the purpose of the activity is (i.e. compound sentence with the connector 'and')
Student does not demonstrate the directions given for the activity. Sentence does not demonstrate thorough knowledge of concept listed.
Student demonstrated skill listed, but sentence was not correctly formatted. (3-4 errors made) Thus, new sentence is not properly structured.
Student demonstrated skill listed, sentence is properly structured with maximum of 2 errors.
Student demonstrated skill listed. New sentence is properly structured (subject, noun, verb agreement).

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