7 Principles of the Constitution

Title: ____________________________

Wrote in own words
Copied out of book and/or did not understand concept
May not have used your own words sometimes and may not have understood some concepts
Used own words, but didn't show full understanding
Writing shows that you understand the topic you were writing about while using your own words.
Followed Directions
Serious errors in following directions
May not have finished some small things and/or may have made some moderate mistakes in following directions
Minor mistakes in following directions
Followed directions and did all parts
Used proper grammar and spelling and good expression
Did not check work--many grammar/spelling/expression errors
Several grammar/spelling/expression errors
A few grammar/spelling/expression errors
Perfect grammar and spelling to a couple minor errors
Neatness/Effort/Final Copy
Sloppy, used pencil, no effort
Not much effort put forth. Didn't erase the pencil.
1-2 minor problems
Work is neat, looks like you made an effort to do quality work, in Final Copy

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