A-Z Social Studies Project

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Content and Accuracy
Responses are generally incomplete and generally inaccurate. Only some correct information is offered.
Not all questions are answered correctly and completely. Not all self-created questions are relevant.
All questions are answered correctly. A relevant self-created question and answer are provided for each letter of the alphabet.
All responses provide more than just an answer. Extra details are provided. Questions are thought-provoking and educational.
Organization and Layout
Most prompts are missing. Question/response are not color coded. Font choice interferes with readability. Alphabet letters are not enlarged. Bullets are absent.
Many prompts are missing. Font choice makes legibility difficult. Some alphabet letters are enlarged. Some bullets are missing.
A large capital letter is provided followed by the provided prompt. A readable font is used. Responses are bulleted.
All prompts are present. An enlarged capital letter is provided. All prompts are under or near the prompt. A legible font is used. All responses are bulleted but not the self created question. All self-created questions and answers are colored coded.
Spelling, Mechanics, and Writing
There are many mistakes in grammar and/or spelling. Incomplete or poorly constructed answers. Answers don't echo the question.
There are several mistakes in mechanics and/or spelling. Some answers echo the question. Repetition of one kind of question.
Answers echo the question. Answers are in complete sentences. There are a variety of questions: who, what, when, where, why, how, etc.Minor errors in mechanics and or spelling that don't detract from the product.
There are no mistakes in mechanics, spelling, and/or sentence structure. Correct punctuation (.,?!) used.
Less than 5 graphics used. Not all are relevant or appropriate.
Between 9 and 5 graphics used.
10 relevant and appropriate graphics used.
11-15 relevant and appropriate graphics used.
Title page set up
Poor presentation of project. No graphics included. Three of seven pieces of info are missing.
Layout is unbalanced and awkward. Graphics are too small or too large and lack relevancy. Two of seven pieces of info are missing.
Layout is balanced and pleasing to the eye. Graphics are appropriate size. One of seven pieces of info are missing.
Layout is balanced and pleasing and makes the reader curious about the contents. All seven pieces of info are provided. Graphics are colorful and appropriate to the project.

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