Along the Nile

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Cut, paste, and place all necessary material onto project. Pictures should match their descriptions and be placed according to directions.
Project has no pictures or required information on it.
Some pictures match the correct descriptions. Project includes most of required information.
Pictures and information have been cut, glued, and placed in the appropriate places on the project.
All pictures match their descriptions and are cut, glued, and placed neatly in accordance to the directions.
Neatly color the Nile River and the pictures provided.
Minimal coloring and creativity went into the project.
Coloring is sloppy and doesn't look like much effort went into the project.
Student colored the Nile River and provided pictures neatly and creatively.
Decorating and coloring of the project is creative and neat. Student went above and beyond what was required.
Sum it up worksheet included three well-written pieces of information that the student learned.
Little to no information was listed on the information worksheet.
Student listed some pieces of information on worksheet. Sentences were unclear or incomplete.
Student listed three pieces of information. Information was clear and well written.
Student included three well written pieces of information that they found interesting. Information is written clearly and neatly.
Informational paragraph includes a topic sentence and three informational sentences that are connected to the topic sentence.
Student did not write a topic sentences or they did not include three pieces of information in their paragraph.
Student did not write a topic sentence that was related to their three pieces of information. Sentences are not well written.
Student included a topic sentence and three informational pieces that were all related.
Student wrote a clear and well written paragraph that included a topic sentence and three informational pieces. Topic sentence and information were well connected. Sentences were written clearly and student added more than what was required.

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