American History-Colonial Brochure
Name: ________________________ Teacher: ___________________

Title: ____________________________

1-3; Student did not include much information on the topic, or had too much wrong information
4-6; Student included about the information they could have,or did not have much wrong information.
7-9; Student included almost all of the information to complete the assignment, and had no wrong information
10; Student included all the information needed.
Grammar and Spelling
1-3; Student had many grammatical and spelling errors.
4-6; Student had some grammatical and spelling errors.
7-9; Student had only 1 or 2 grammatical or spelling errors.
10; Student had no grammatical or spelling errors.
Organization and Creativity
1-3; Project was not organized very well and had very little creativity.
4-6; Project was organized somewhat, or showed some creativity.
7-9; Project was well organized, or showed a good deal of creativity.
10; Project was extremely well organized and showed a great deal of creativity.

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