Ancient Civilization Group Presentation

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The student demonstrates knowledge of their topic and civilization.
Student presents words or phrases associated with the topic without explanation.
Student can explain the achievements of their civilization within the topic.
Student demonstrates knowledge by answering questions about the civilization's achievements.
Student can elaborate on how the achievements effect us today.
The student can research and use time effectively.
Student provides basic information.
Student can answer rudimentary questions on their topics.
Student can elaborate how the achievement changed over time.
Student has notes to aid in questions and help elaborate on subject.
The student presents material clearly and concise.
Student mumbles and mispronounces terms
Audience has difficulty hearing presentation.
Student is clear and pronoounces most terms correctly but hesitates at questions.
Student uses a clear voice, pronounces words correctly and answers questions without hesitation
Student presentation is logical, interesting and informative.
The Audience cannot follow the presentation.
The presentation is difficult to follow; students are not organized well.
Presentation follos a logical sequence and the audience can follow their information.
The presentation is logical, interesting and engages the audience to ask questions.
The Presentation provides the basic facts about the civilization through a visual and key terms.
Visual is basic and key terms are listed.
Visual is neat and reflects the achievements & key terms are listed
Visual is creative and reflects the achievements & key terms are listed
Visual is reinforce the achievements & key terms.

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