Ancient Greece Newspaper

Title: ____________________________

Ideas and Content
Little to no valid details, some are not accurate, reader learns very little from your newspaper, reader can not summazize or visualize info from the newspaper
Some valid, accurate details, reader learns a little from your newspaper, reader can not summarize the newspaper articles, can not visualize
Valid, accurate details, reader learns something new from your newspaper, reader can visualize because of your words
Lots of specific, accurate details, reader completely understands the information in every article, reader is able to teach someone else about Greece based on your newspaper
Organization and Presentation
5 or less articles, 1-4 sentences in each article, messy, sloppy handwriting, does not catch your eye, lacking color
Six articles, 4-6 sentences in each article, somewhat neat handwriting, some portions of the newspaper need more color
Six articles, 5-8 sentences in each article, neat handwriting, colorful presentation that catches your eye
More than six articles, 8 or more sentences in each, typed/very neat handwriting, extremely colorful presentation that catches your eye
Word Choice
Little to no sixth grade caliber words, litte to no sophisticated language, little to no SS vocab, little to no bold beginnings
A few sixth grade caliber words, somewhat sophisticated language, a few SS terms, bold beginnings in a few articles
Lots of sixth grade caliber words, sophisticated language, includes many SS terms, bold beginning in most articles
Mostly sixth grade caliber words, lots of sophisticated language, includes a SS term in every article, bold beginnings in ALL articles
Sentence Fluency
Few easy to read sentences, few clear sentences, many lacking detail, very choppy flow that affects a smooth reading of the newspaper
Some easy to read sentences, some clear sentences, but they lack detail, choppy flow
Easy to read sentences, clear, detailed sentences, good flows from sentence to sentence
Very easy to read and understand each sentence, very clear and detailed sentences, seamless flow from one sentence to another
Makes repeated mistakes in spelling, word choice, and grammar
Makes many mistakes in grammar and spelling that interfere with a smooth reading of the newpspaer
Has some errors in grammar and spelling but it does not interfere with the understanding of the articles in the newspaper
Uses proper grammar and spelling throughout the newspaper

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