Ancient Verses Modern Scientists

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Personal Characteristics
Both scientists look the same and lack features such as Laboratory coat, eyeglasses, facial hair, pencils and pen in pockets, wired hair unkempt appearance, modern dress,and apparance
Each scientists displayed little differences between ancient and modern . Lack some creativity. Show no overall appearance of positive or sinster
All drawings appear some what releastic; less than five distinct features were illustrated a little creativity was displayed in drawing
Both drawings display all and distinct features of a modern and an ancient scientist, used male and female. All illustrations appears releastic and show creativity, Scientist desplay eccentric , sinster , nutural or positive appearance
Signs of Inquiry Tools and Symbols of Research
Pictures lacks symbols and signs on inquiry tools , tables, machines ,solution books, animals and outside lab. Lack over all appearance
Picture shows few inquiry tools used, and no evidence of symbols and technology; lack over all appearance
Picture displays few signs of inquiry tools and a working lab. Technology equipment appears to be in the lab
Picture displays several symbols and inquiry tools that are found in Science lab. Also experiment and testing of solution and animals. The use of technology was also displayed
Quality of Work and Presentation
Quality of Scientists Peport
Show some inaccuracies, some irrelevant information and no comparsion between both scientists
Few examples and comparsion. No mention of students research for important facts .The work was based on piror or secondary report
Accurate and Concise. Explqained well with examples. Compare both scientists with significant facts
Presentation of Report
Presentation unclear, untidy, lack color , lack title and pictures appear to look alike
Insufficent details on pictures, not clear, neat and colorless. Picture is not balance
Some of the graphics enhances the picture . Neat but lack color
Great illustrations , well presented with great graphics , neat, clear and colorful lay out

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