British Colony Borchure

Title: ____________________________

Ideas and Content
Minimal vocabulary, no voice, incomplete writing (missing paragraphs), run-on sentences, inaccurate details, introduction does not catch the reader eye (no bold beginning)
Incomplete details, little vocabulary, errors in complex sentences, introduction/concolusion is not focused, some drtails are inacrruate
Catchy introduction and conclusion, accurate details, eighth grade vocab, complete thoughts and paragraphs, grade level writing
Exceeded expections in vocabulary, exceptional use of voice, supporting details, all details are accurate, generates interest in the topic
Organization and Neatness
Two or three sentences in each paragraphs, no pictures to support, not legible, less than eight paragprahs
4-5 sentences in each paragraph, some pictures, graphics, somewhat legible, 8 paragraphs
Six to seven sentences in each paragraph, pictures to support each paragraph, legible, but with a few mistakes, 8 paragraphs
8-10 sentences, information is legible, above average use of graphics, bold statements and creativity, no crossouts or mistakes in writing the paper
Word Choice
Vocabulary is far below grade level (little kid words), no understnnding is established through your word choice
Below level vcabulary (, said, ect.) little understanding is established through their writing/prompt
Vivid vocabulary, sophisticated terms, words show a clear understanding of the writing, persuasive words
Advanced vocabulary, uses terms from the textbook (ex...proprietary colony, patroons, religious tolerance), words show a complete understanding of their writing/topic, persuasive and descriptive terms
Sentence Fluency
Sentences are choppy, random sentences, sentences are not complete, too many run-ons
Only a few sentences flow smoothly, a bit choppy, some run-on sentences
Sentences are fluent and slow, flows snoothly from one sentence to another
Flows smoothly throughout the brochure, everything makes sense, well organized and easy to understand sentences
Repeated mistakes in spelling, grammar, and word choice that interfere with a fluent reading of the brochure
many mistakes in spellling, grammar, and word choice that interefere with a smooth reading of the brochure
A few mistakes in spelling grammar, and word choice,but it does not interefere with the understanding of the brochure
Uses proper spelling, grammar, and word choice throughout the brochure

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