Civil War Concept Map

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Content and Learning Material
Minimal content included. Accuracy of information is questionable. Student shows little to no understanding of the subject.
Moderate level of content included. Most items are accurate. Student shows minimal understanding of the subject.
Content is accurate. There is a good amount of information included. Students shows understanding of subject.
All content is completely accurate. Map includes extensive amount of information. Students shows vast understanding of subject.
Web Themes
Student has only one theme with little to no subtopics
Student has at least two themes, each with at least two subtopics
Student has at least three themes, each with at least two subtopics
Students has at least four themes, each with at least three subtopics
Spelling and Grammer
Many spelling and grammatical errors
Has few spelling or grammatical errors
Spelling and grammer is correct
No spelling or grammatical errors. Vocabulary shows understanding of material.
Web is not organized, shows no connection of related material and is hard to follow
Web shows moderate organization but some themes are lacking a connection
Web is organized, well laid out, and easy to follow
Web is organized, well laid out, easy to follow, attractive, and reader friendly
Graphics and Color Choices
Little to no colors are used in web creation. Zero graphics are used.
Few colors are used in web but have no fluidity. Color of background and fonts are not cohesive. Two or less graphics are used and do not relate to theme.
Colors are used throughout the web that coincide with each other. At least three graphics are used that are related to the theme.
Colors of background and fonts for a pleasing palette and enhance web themes. Creates attractive and exciting web. At least four graphics are used that relate to theme

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