Community Collage

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Students will create a collage depicting the relationships between families and their communities.
Students will talk about who is in their family.
Students will write several sentences to describe the type of community they live in.
Students will take pictures or will draw their favorite places in their community.
Students will demonstrate understanding of the connection between family and community through a variety of media.They will arrange pictures of families and community places to show how a community is created.
The finished product that students submit will be very neat, depict creativity and thought and will indicate the student's best work.
Words are misspelled, the audience cannot tell what the collage represents,cutting out and placement are not neat, very few visuals, little thought went into this project.
Student made more attempts to spell words correctly. More thought shown in placement of pictures and drawings,
Photographs and drawings are placed very neatly on the poster board, all words are spelled correctly, much thought and creativity displayed.
The collage clearly tells a story that is readily visible to the audience. Shows that great thought and concern were put into this project.
Student will be able to present his/her project with good articulation and expression, will have good eye contact with the audience and will be able to clearly relay the meaning and message behind his project.
Student mumbles and cannot be heard by all in the audience. He/she is not sure of what his project represents. He looks down and does not maintain eye contact with the audience.
Student makes attempts to speak louder to be sure he is heard, tries to look at the audience and tries hard to remember why he created this project.
Student speaks in a nice, loud voice, maintains eye contact with the audience and is able to articulate the significance of his work.
Student is able to convince his audience that he truly understands the relationships between families and communities and is able to answer any audience questions in a thoughtful and sincere manner.

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