Community Observations

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Field Notes
Field notes do not reflect five hours of observation.
Field notes are complete but vague. They scratch the surface of the events observed without providing essential detail.
Field notes illustrate important details of events observed, but do not dig deeper and reflect specifics and nuances of events.
Field notes illustrate meticulous detail of events observed. Reader can see a clear picture in their head of the events due to the detail and description of the notes.
Presentation does not convey observed events or is incomplete.
Presentation is complete, however it is difficult for the reader to follow the observed events.
Presentation retells observed events in a mere factual or robotic fashion. Retelling does not engage the reader.
Presentation clearly and vividly recounts observed events. Author's voice paints an interesting, accurate and engaging picture that puts the reader inside the narrative.
Presentation does not completely compare and contrast observed events and course texts.
Presentation compares and contrasts events and text is a confusing or inaccurate manner.
Presentation compares and contrasts events and texts at a surface level. Acknowledgement of nuance is missing or thin.
Presentation accurately and effectively juxtaposes observed events with course texts. Nuances from both are fleshed out in a way that illustrates your mastery of events and text.
Presentation does not completely illustrate how research will inform practice.
Presentation attempts to connect research with practice, but is inaccurate or confusing for the reader to follow.
Presentation connects research to practice, but lacks detail and/or doesn't express innovation.
Presentation clearly and logically connects how your research will inform your creative and innovative practice as a teacher. Specific emphasis is given to teaching and learning.
Presentation is incomplete or incomprehensible.
Presentation is complete, but lacks professional finish.
Presentation conveys meaning, but is unimaginative.
Presentation creatively and thoughtfully articulates findings and assertions from research to peers.

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