Constitution Project

Title: ____________________________

Visibly unprepared. Did not use time wisely in class. Did not work equally on project as a group.
Somewhat unprepared. Only used some time wisely in class. Worked okay as a group.
Prepared for the most part. Used most of class time wisely. Worked pretty well as a group.
Very prepared. Used class time wisely. Worked perfectly as a group.
Presentation of Material
Showed extreme difficulty in presenting to class. Would have benefited by practicing more. Too many mistakes.
Showed some difficulty in presenting to class. Only practiced a little. Several mistakes.
Presented material pretty well. Well-rehearsed with only a couple mistakes.
Perfect presentation. One or no mistakes in explanation of material.
Class Notes
Notes contain many mistakes and are not complete.
Notes contain some mistakes and could use more information.
Notes contain very few mistakes and most information from the chapter.
Notes contain one or no errors. Notes are also very thorough.
Interaction with Audience
Little or no interaction with audience. Lacked a segment focused on engaging your audience.
Very little interaction with audience. Focus on engaging audience could have been better.
Interacted with audience pretty well. Focused on getting students involved.
Interacted with students very well. All students were involved at a high level of thinking.
Reflection is not complete or worthwhile.
Reflections is somewhat useful. Could have been much more detailed.
Reflections were useful and complete, for the most part.
Reflections are very in-depth and insightful.

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