Country Brochure

Title: ____________________________

Content (country name, flag, culture, history, interesting facts, pictures)
Did not have over half the content required or not enough content .
Had most of content required for the assignment, but had a one or two missing pieces of content (forgot the flag, or facts,etc.).
Gave the exact amount of content required for the assignment.
Had all the content required and had more than required. Had multiple pictures. Numerous interesting facts. Gave lots of historical background.
Organization or Layout of Brochure
Looks like they threw the pieces together no flow at all.
Had some flow in the way it was laid out, but still just put it together and left room for improvement
Brochure looked nice, but only put the content in order and it could have flowed better in a slighly different order.
The brochure flowed and gave an amazing appearance in how the information was laid out.
Pictures on Brochure
Just picked pictures at random, but did not belong with any thing on the brochure. Had only one or two pictures in brochure.
Had alot of pictures, but most did not relate to the content.
Had at least five pictures in brochure that could be seen in the content also.
Had many colorful pictures, that applied to the content and was organized in the way the pictures were put in the brochure
Had multiple spelling or grammar mistakes. Not revised at all.
Had some spelling or grammar mistakes
Very limited spelling or grammar mistakes. Used almost everything correctly in the right form and place.
Had no spelling or grammar mistakes at all.
Sources of Information
Gave no sources or credibility.
Gave one or two sources.
Gave three sources.
Gave four or more sources.

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