Culture Heritage Project

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Speeling or grammar
Student has frequent spelling and grammar and mistakes
student has 10 spelling mistakes or 8 grammar mistakes in presentation
Student has only 5 spelling or 3 grammar mistakes in presentation
Students has little or no spelling or grammar mistakes in presentation
Presentation has little or no color or effects in slides
Student has many or little color or effects to slide
Students slide is mostly made of colors and has a limited amount of effects in slide
Students has facts in slides, a needed amount of effects, and colors are put perfectly in presentaion
Facts are scrambled all over the slide and not organized in slides
Some facts are posted but most are mixed up in presentation
Most facts in slide are posted correctly, but some were posted inncorectly
Facts are posted perfectly on every side with no mistakes in presentaion
Performance on Presentation
Performance was terrible and the student mixed up the slide with the word
Performance was somewhat good, but the student made a minimum of 10 mstakes in presentation
Performance was nearly perfect, but student giggled too much, said the word "um" to much, and lost his/her position when trying to read the word with the slide
Student was perfect in slide, said all the words coreectly, set the slides correctly with the words, and didn't lose it's postition as a presenter to the class

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