Culture Mask

Title: ____________________________

Mask reflects symbolism and personality of artist.
No symbolism reflected and no effort displayed.
Some sybolism reflected by little effort made in execution of product.
Some symbolism and effort reflected in mask.
Symbolism present and well thought out and effort is apparent.
Use of color and design.
No color scheme or design reflected in mask.
A hint of a color scheme, but not apparent and little or no design reflected in mask.
Color scheme and design reflected in mask, but not completetly thought out.
Color scheme and design well thought out and reflected in mask.
Presentation of Mask.
No presentation given to explain the symbolism in mask
Poor or weak presentation given to explain symbolism (ex. student is sitting, never looks at audience, etc.)
Presentation given to explain symbolism in mask, but student fails to communicate with audience on some level.
Presentation given to explain symbolism and student gives a well executed presentation (stands up, makes eye contact with audience, speaks loud enough for all to hear)
Student is not responsible and leaves his/her materials and work area a mess each day.
Student is responsible and cleans up his/her materials and work area each day.

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