Current Event Project

Title: ____________________________

Summary of the article.
No summary present.
Not on topic. Random ideas. Not in paragraph form. Or, plagiarized. (copied straight from article)
A few details, but not a complete summary of the artice.
Project summary is a paraphrased version of the whole article. It includes the main idea, the beginning, middle, and end.
Five themes of geography paragraph.
No themes of geography present or the ones present do not apply to the article.
Project only lists themes of geography. It is not in a paragraph form.
Project includes only one theme of geography in a complete paragraph form.
Project includes at least two of the five themes of geography and how they relate to the article in a complete paragraph form.
Word Detective Paragraph
No unfamiliar words listed in report.
Words are only listed with definition that are guessed at.
Current event project only include 1 - 2 words and dictionary definitions in paragraph form.
Current event project includes 3 - 5 unfamiliar or important words and the dictionary definition in a paragraph form.
Appearance of Presentation
Presentation is sloppy and difficult to read.
Presentation is fairly organized and readable, but not neat.
Presentation is neat, but contains no extra graphics or photographs.
Presentation is neat and well organized. It contains interesting information, graphics, and photographs.
Team was very uncooperative.
One or two people did all of the work, while others played or made work difficult for the team.
Most teammates did his or her part, but some were uncooperative.
Each teammate did his or her part and even went above and beyond.

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