Geographic Terms

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Students will create a Geopicitionary of slect geographic terms.
Type or use blue or black ink for all written information (e.g. term, definition, specific (example, sentence, etc.)5pts
Give specific example and relative location for each term. 5pts
Term is underlined or highlighted and used correctly in a sentence that reflects meaning and understanding of the term. 5pts
Illustrate each term. 10pts
Geopictionary must be well-organized.
Alphabetize each term. 5pts
Number each term. 5pts
Alpha tabs clearly labeled. 5 pts
Alpha tabs placed on every fifth page of Geopictionary. 10 pts
Provide composition tablet for the Geopictionary and academic vocabulary.
Tablet must not be a spiral notebook. 5 pts
Cover must have first and last name, date, period, and title. 5 pts
Geopictionary must include a copy of the rubric with first and last name, date, period. 5 pts
Geopicitionary must only be used for geographic terms and acquisition of academic vocabulary. 10 pts
Geopictionary must be useful.
Geopictionary can be used throughout the year as a resource. 5 pts
Geopicitionary can be used as a tool for review. 5 pts
Geopictionary must have a bibliography of resources used in the research of this product (e.g. websites or books, etc.). 5 pts
Geopictionary depicts the student's understanding of geographic terms and academic vocabulary. 10 pts

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