Immigration Unit - Social Studies
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Level of Engagement in Class
Student was minimally engaged in discussions, if at all. Participation was minimal.
Student was somewhat engaged in discussions/participation was occasional.
Student was usually involved in discussions. Hand was raised during several discussions. Comments were insightful and on-target.
Student was almost always an active participant in discussions. Comments were insightful and well-thought out.
Understanding of Concepts Presented
Student did not grasp concepts. Student did not show understanding of unit in general.
Student grasped some major concepts such as reasons for immigration to US during peak Ellis Island period, but missed others.
Student grasped most major concepts about Ellis Island, can demonstrate broad understanding of early 20th century US immigration.
Student grasped all major concepts about Ellis Island, early 20th century immigration and can articulate these ideas.
Preparation and Initiative
Student rarely was prepared for class, lacked basic items frequently. Showed no initiative beyond the basics.
Student was occasionally prepared for class. Showed some initiative, did some research.
Student was usually prepared for class; showed initiative and brought new ideas to light. Wanted to learn more.
Student was always prepared for class; showed great initiative. Brought up new ideas, shared additional information learned frequently.

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