Jamestown Intro

Title: ____________________________

Student includes one or less accurate facts about Jamestown
Student includes 2-4 accurate facts about Jamestown. Content areas are slightly varied.
Student includes 5-7 Accurate facts about Jamestown. Includes 3 or more different content areas (Living, transportation, food, names, etc)
Student includes 8-10 accurate facts about Jamestown. Includes 4 or more different content areas(Living, transportation, food, names, etc)
Spelling, Grammar, and sentence structure.
Not complete sentences. Difficult to understand, more than 5 grammar/spelling errors.
More complete sentences than not. Readable, 3-5 grammar/spelling errors.
Less than 20% incomplete sentences. Readable, 2 or less spelling/grammar errors.
All complete sentences. 1 or less spelling/grammar errors.
Ablity to use own thought processes.
All work done is identical to that done in group.
Tried to put information into own words, 5 or less identical to group work.
3 or less facts identical to group work.
All work is done in own words. Every fact is a paraphrase of group work

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