Lets Travel the World!

Title: ____________________________

Personal information and picture
Student failed to fill out any information about themselves and did not add a picture of themselves.
Student either had little information or a picture about themselves but not both.
Student had the information about themselves but did not have the picture.
Student had all of the information about themselves filled out correctly and a picture was included.
Student failed to add in any information about the countries.
Student only filled out some of the information but not all of it. There were not pictures added.
Student filled out most information but not all of it and only added one picture.
Student filled out all required information about 3 countries. They also included 2 pictures on each page.
Being on Task
Student failed to stay on task, did not follow directions and they did not take pictures.
Student was not always on task, and they did not take pictures of what they were supposed to.
Student was usually on task and they handed a finshed project.
Student are always on task and they handed in a finished project.
Student has many spelling errors.
Student has several spelling errors.
Student has only 1-2 spelling errors.
Student has no spelling errors.

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