Physical Maps

Title: ____________________________

Create a physical map of the United States
Did not include all of the facts about the physical locations. Missing parts of the lengend, title, or labels.
Included all of the physical features of the map, but did not complete all of the labels, title, and legend.
Included all of the information required such as legend, facts, lables, title, and drawing of physical feature.
Included all of the information and added additional features.
Didn't participate actively in the project.
Participated in most of the project.
Participated in all of the project.
Participated in the project and took an active role.
Oral Presentation
Knew very little about subject and presentation was short.
Knew some about the subject and presentation was somewhat informative.
Knew a lot about presentation and presentation was engaging.
Subject expert and presentation was complete and engaging.

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