Social Studies Journal
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Student Note Taking
Student has one or less themes of Geography recorded in journal and does not have all of the defintions recorded
Students has half of the themes and definitions recorded in their journal
Student has 3 out of 4 themes written and/or has 3 out of four definitions that go with the themes
Student has all 4 Themes of Geography discussed and all of the definitions that go with them.
Class Made Charts and Diagrams
Student has one or less of the class made charts and diagrams
Student has half of the chart and diagram requirements
Student has all charts and diagrams but they are not complete with detail and information
Students has all charts and diagrams and they are complete with details and information
Readings and Responses
Student shows no record of reading and responding in thier journal
Students sows little response to the reading assignments in journal
Student shows responses to readings, but they are not complete
Student shows responses to all readings and have clearly relayed understanding in their journals
There are no signs of organization in student's journal
Student has attempted to keep information in order, but is missing some assignments
Student has exemplified organization of thoughts and information in journal
Student's journal is completelty organized and flows with the pace of our class work assigned.
Attenetiveness in Class
Student is not attentive in class. Student may talk during instruction or has been known to fall asleep instead of staying on task.
Student is distracted but others and lacks the attention needed to complete assignments.
Student is focused and completing tasks most of the time. Does not interrupt and adds to the discussion in class.
Student is focused and completes all tasks in a timely manner. This students attempts to always follow directions.

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