Spain or Argentina Travel Map

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Students will make a travel map of Spain or Argentina showing the popular beaches starting from Madrid or from Buenos Aires. The map will have at least 5 beaches.
Students have a travel map of three or less beaches.
Students have a travel map of four beaches.
Students have a travel map of five to six beaches.
Students have exceeded expectations with more than six beaches.
Students will be specific in showing mode of transportation from one beach to the next: car, train, plane, boat. When appropriate, stations and lines will be labeled.
Student does not label mode of transportation at all.
Students only label one mode of transportation.
Students mention two to three modes of transportation and labels a line and/or station.
Students label four or more different modes of transportation and mentions lines and stations.
Students will label the map in Spanish without errors. The map will be neat and colorful. The trip will be well-delineated.
Students have little labeling, and the map is incomplete.
Students have labeled most of the important places; it is fairly drawn and there may be no color, and a few errors. The trip is easy to see.
Students have a neat map with color and labeling; there are no errors and the trip is easy to see.
Students' map is exceptional with all labeling in perfect Spanish. It is neat, colorful, and the trip is well-delineated.
The students will give a shared presentation in Spanish with accurate Spanish grammar.
Students give an uncompleted presentation of the trip (no information, or not in Spanish). Grammatical errors make it hard to understand.
Students give a presentation in Spanish with many grammatical errors.
Students give a decent presentation in Spanish with some errors.
Students give an exceptional presentation in Spanish and the errors are minor.
Students talk so we can hear them. They stand in a professional manner. They show enthusiasm and they present the map to us effectively.
Students mumble and the presentation is difficult to understand. Students fidget. Lack of enthusiasm.
One student carries the presentation and the other student offers very little to it. Voice and stance are questionable.
Students both participate equally. Voice is projected and they stand in a professional manner. The map is presented well.
Exceptional. Voices projected and practiced. They show enthusiasm and they are detailed in their explanation of the map.

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