Vacation Postcards Rubric
Name: ________________________ Date: ________________________

Title: ____________________________

Students will address postcard correctly.
Name and some address parts are included.
All parts are included, but may not be in right order.
All parts are included and in the right order. Some spelling/mechanics need to be corrected.
All parts are included in the right order and spelled correctly. Address is ready for mailing.
Students will draw the landform/view of the place they are visiting.
Pencil sketch of landform.
Pencil sketch and color applied.
Pencil sketch, color applied, and some creative details added.
Pencil sketch, color applied with blending and layering, lots of creative details.
Students will depict the climate of their vacation destination on the postage stamp.
No stamp included.
Stamp included, minimal decoration, may not be in the right place on the postcard.
Stamp included, decoration represents climate adequately, stamp is in the correct place for mailing.
Stamp included, excellent representation of climate, stamp is in the correct place for mailing.
Students will write about what they'd like to do while visiting this place.
Less than 2 sentences, not related to landform/climate chosen, grammar and mechanics mistakes.
Has 2 sentences, somewhat related to landform/climate chosen, grammar or mechanics mistakes.
Has 2 sentences, directly related to landform/climate chosen, only 1 grammar or mechanics mistake.
Has more than 2 sentences directly related to landforms/climate chosen, no grammar or mechanics mistakes.
Neat and Complete
Extra lines not erased, coloring is scribbled, writing is messy, some parts are not finished.
Some attempt to erase extra lines, coloring is somewhat controlled, only one part is not finished.
Extra sketch lines erased, coloring is controlled, every part is finished.
Skillful, light sketch with extra lines completely erased, coloring shows highly controlled layering/blending, every part is finished.

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