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What Major Factors Do You Need To Consider Before You Even Start Planning A Lesson?

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Sometimes, it seems like planning, let alone, writing a lesson plan is such an important responsibility that it would need a teacher to spend his whole day just to organize one. However, that need not be the case. Just follow these few suggestions and you will be done with your lesson plans in no time. First of all, think about all the things you should understand before you even start planning a lesson plan.

Prerequisites- Be acquainted with what your students already know. This is normally a simple job since you'd have been teaching your students the whole year. Nevertheless, there are times when it is crucial to consider this. For instance, if you are teaching a new class of students, then you have to to note what they already know from their old teacher. Do not make guesses about what they know or don't know. Find out and be sure about it before you start teaching.

Goals and results- Consider adding the goals and results you expect from your lesson plan and your students in your lesson plan. However, whether you decide to write them down or not, it is important to know these things prior to writing the chief feature of your lesson plan. It is not possible to create a lesson plan without thinking about what you want to achieve through it. Say you want to teach your students about constructing proper sentences. In that case, you wouldn't create a lesson plan that talked about Shakespeare's best plays instead. As interesting as discussing Shakespeare's plays may be, it will not be helpful in teaching your students about writing proper sentences.

Materials- If you think your students will require some special materials during the course of a lesson, work out how they can get them. Maybe all your students will need to have a pair of scissors and a bottle of superglue each. If that is the case, inform them they will need that. Or maybe all your students will need some reference text for their lesson. If so, make sure you get copies of that reference text for all your students before the start of the lesson.

What part do you play? - Every individual on this good earth has special and exceptional qualities that they can give to another person when teaching. Some individuals can better teach through actions or by demonstrations while others can explain a lesson wonderfully through their words; they can make the students feel as if they are a part of the lesson. Whatever special quality you have, consider how you can integrate it in your lesson plans.

The main purpose of lesson plans is to guide you in organizing your thoughts and ideas so that you can be ready to help your students achieve the intended goals. The format of a lesson plan is irrelevant as long as it is clear on what you want and how you plan to achieve it. Remember, the best teachers are the ones who are good planners and thinkers.

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