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13 Colonies


  You and your friends think the 13 colonies are amazing and interesting you have a quiz on them this Friday but you don't know a lot about them! Well I know you guys don't want to stay home in your room studying all day so lets do something fun! Do have an idea of what we can do? I have a great idea! Let's go back in time and find out some interesting things about that time period and then we can make a project!
  You resoonsible for making your poster board look like study sheet, so can help you with your test. Start copying this questions into your notebook so you can focus on them.Make sure you use your resources to help you answer this questions.
- What is the colony you are writing about?
- What are some challenges the people had during the time period of the 13 colonies?
- Make sure to include a picture of the food, clothing, shoes, etc that was used back then.
- Include a map of the 13 colonies and explain what each colony believed in and if they got along with another colony.
  Your sitting down not knowing how to study for your 13 colonies exam. You have to make sure you bring a notepad and a pencil to jot down notes about the things we learn when we go back in time! After that you have to make a poster board that can help you study. Make sure you jot down important facts and fun facts that you can add in your poster board. Now its time for you to begin your projects. Make sure to include details, examples and somee images to make your poster board colorful and nice. If you include all that it will be easier for you to understand the colony. You can also use your partners poster board to study about their colony!
  Here are some websites you can use!
Perfect Score (out of 100)
-Student identified their colony (10 points)
- Student described the challenges during their colony time period with details and example given. (20 points)
- Student included pictures of food eaten during the time period time. (5 points)
- Student included pictures of clothing worn during that time period. (5 points)
-Student included a picture of a church. (3 point)
- Student included a map of the 13 colonies in there poster board. (17 points)
- Student explained what the people believed in. (10 points)
- Student gave enough information and used examples from resources. (20 points)
- Student included resources that were used in there poster board. (10 points)
  Wow! We had so much fun today right? We had some amaing trip today and your projects came out wonderful! Well, I had so much fun with you today and if you really liked what we did today, well you can also do it with toher subjects. For example, you can also use the American Revolution as a subject to look for or if you dont want social studies you use it for math, ELA, and other subjects!

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