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1st grade Plants


  On this quest you discovery the plant parts and the functions of the parts. S1L1 a.c. Students will investigate the characteristics and basic needs of plants.
  As you research plants, you will discover what makes up a plant and how each part helps the plant survive.
  1. Read to learn about what plant parts look like and their jobs

2. After you read about plants, label the parts of a plant

3. Next, take 7 sheets of paper to make a plant part book.

- 1st sheet You will draw and label the six parts of a plant.
- 2nd sheet You will draw the roots and describe its function.
- 3rd sheet You will draw the stem and describe its function.
- 4th sheet You will draw a leaf and describe its function.
- 5th sheet You will draw a flower and describe its function.
- 6th sheet You will draw the seeds and describe its function.
- 7th sheet You will draw the fruit and describe its function.

4. After making the plant part book, compare how a plant is similar to the human body.
  Students are provided with You can use the websites provided, plant models and plant books in order to make your book and paragraph comparing plants and the human body.
  Teachers will evaluate the finished book made of paper plates using the following rubric:
0 1 2 3 4 5
All six plant parts labeled?Accurate description of each part? Beginning capitals and ending periods?
Complete sentences?

  As you finish, I would like you think of something else that you could compare with a plant.

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