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  You are going to search some basic information about Australia, one of the largest English speaking countries. Read carefully the task and write your answers on a special papersheet. You can check the information you find in Czech websites or other resources like books. But REMEMBER - your answers must be in English only!
  Find right answers to the following questions:
1/ How many stars are there in Australian flag?
2/ Where is Australia
3/ What is Canberra?
4/ What is Sydney?
5/ What main language is
spoken in Australia?
5/ What is Aussie?
6/ What money is used there?
7/ Do Australians drive on the left or on the right side of the road?
8/ What are the most typical Australian animals?
8/ What places would you like to visit in Australia?
9/ Who are Aborigines?
10/ What is Uluru?
  Go to the recommended websites,collect the necessary information, choose the main data and write your answers in the attached worksheet.

  All finished answers will be compared and checked in the class. We will discusss the unclear details together.
  After your independent work with online resources you will have basic knowledge about Australia and you will be able to talk about this continent and country shortly.

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