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Against All Odds


  In our readings, we learned that sometimes it takes human interaction with the animals to fight against the odds for survival. Three of our stories were real-life situations where people worked together to save the animals, such as providing Winter the dolphin with a normal life, or recurring Miza the baby gorilla from poachers, or a classroom of students cleaning up the salmon��s environment in order for the salmon to return home. The two fictional books dealt with real-world situations where endangered species are in great jeopardy, as well as their environment and way of life. People and even in the Miza's case, animals working together to save and protect the animals. All animals play an important part in our ecosystems. All over the world, they are amazing and valuable animals that are in danger of extinction. It is our job to do something to protect these animals. You are going to be the assistant to a researcher that finds ways to save endangered animals from extinction. You will also learn how the different habitats are important for animal survival. Are you ready to save some animals and help them fight against all odds!
  Use the Internet to explore and identify an endangered animal that deserves your help! You will be looking at the relationships between people, animals, and their environment and this all effects the endangered animals��s survival. Your job as a researcher and activist will be to convince the rest of the class why your animal deserves saving, which means lots of interesting and important facts about the animal and habitat. There will be many websites to guide you along with your research. The fun begins, your group selects an animal to save and you must persuade us why your animal is the one to be saved against all odds. You will be creating a concept map about the facts of your animal and environment. The group researcher will use guided or inquiry questions in order to gather information. Research should include, at least 8 facts about your endangered animal, provide 2 or more reasons why you pick this animal, where in the world is the animal found, describe its habitat and environment, provide 2 or more reasons why the animal is at risk and fighting against what odds, and what is currently being done to save the animal. Also, include your personal thoughts on the situation of your endangered animal and how it can be saved. You will create a photo-storybook, design a poster, and preparing a 10-question quiz on their animal for the class to take. Your research group will present your projects to the class in an attempt to persuade the class to adopt your animal of choice. Remember your animal is the most important animal to be saved so portray this in your research projects!
  Step 1 - Forming groups of 3
Write your names and the group name on the index card to give to the teacher for approval.
Step 2 - Picking an endangered animal
Your group must agree on one animal that has not been chosen. You can choose any animal anywhere in the world. There are many different endangered animals to pick from.
When your groups has decided on an endangered animal write on the index card, also write down two reasons why your group wanted to help this animal fight against all odds. Check with the teacher to make sure your choice has not been taken.
Step 3 : Read about the Endangered Species Act
Step 4 : Research
- Begin researching your animal that is fighting against all odds.
- Use web graphic organizer and guided questions. Print out your graphic organizers before starting. Group name goes on all paper work and projects.
- Compile and organizer your group research using Microsoft Word and print out.
Graphic Organizer:
Fast facts and photos:
The rarest information for research:
Step 5 - Photo-storybook and Poster
- Include pictures on each page of the photo-storybook including title page and 4 or more pictures for the poster.
- Create a group folder with group name and save on computer desktop.
- Save all pictures, graphic organizers, inquiry sheets, and storyboard outline in your group folder.
Guided / inquiry questions for web quest, photo-storybook, poster, and 10-question quiz (these are just to get you started; you certainly may inquiry more in depth):
- What type of animal (describe), and at least 8 interesting facts about the animal
- Describe where in the world it is located and describe their environment
- What is the animals main predator
- What does the animal need to survive
- Explain the reasons why it might become extinct
- Explain what is being done to try and save the animal
- Tell your thoughts on the animal and ways you think it can be saved
- Include pictures of animal and habitat
Step 6 : Use your web of facts to create your storyboard for the photo-storybook
- Use your storyboard graphic organizer to create a rough draft of your final product.
- Compile both research information and match pictures to information to each power point slide on your storyboard.
- Start to compile your rough draft from your storyboard organizer, go to Microsoft power point, and start creating your photo- storybook.
- Save your power point to the computer desktop using your group folder.
Step 7- 10-Question Quiz
- Use your research to prepare a 10-question quiz on your animal for the class.
- Give copy to the teacher for approval.
- Class will take the quiz after presentation is completed.
Step 8 : Create Poster (display in room)
- Include 8 informative facts along with pictures and 4 picture.
- Make sure your poster is neat and colorful; also check for any spelling errors.
- Your poster needs to be persuading the class into choosing your animal for adoption.
Step 9 : Present to the class
- Your group will present the poster.
- Play the photo-storyboard that you made into a power point. It is your job to persuade the class to adopt your animal.
- Be prepared to answer any questions the class may have.
- Give the teacher your research papers that you printed out earlier.
- Class will take the 10-question quiz on their animal.
Step 10 : Adoption
After all presentations have been made the class will vote on the animal that the class deems fit to be saved and aid in that animals fight against all odds.
Wildlife Adoption: Adopt an Animal: Adoptions are a wonderful way to protect endangered wild animals and share the importance of conservation; students in classrooms all over the United States have adopted animals to protect them.
  Teacher Recourses

Rubric for storyboard and Power Point Photo-storybook

Rubric for Teamwork Projects, poster, and 10-Question Quiz

This is how your overall group work will be evaluated.

0-1 Developing
2 Qualified
3 Exemplary
4 Score
Power point - Storybook No pictures included. No information included Some pictures and 1-3 of the required items are included. Some or all of the pictures and 4-5 of the required items are included. 6 or more pictures included. All required information is included, including reasons to convince the class the animal should be the one saved.
Graphic Web & Guided Questions None of the required items are included in the web and none of the inquiry questions answered 1-3 of the required items are included in the web and answered 1-3 inquiry questions 4-5 of the required items are included in the web and answered 4-5 inquiry questions Web shows scientific name, location, habitat, diet, reason animal is endangered, 8 interesting facts. Use the guided / inquiry questions for further research.
Story board Story board not completed. 1-3 of the required items are included 4-5 of the required items are included Storyboard shows scientific name, location, habitat, diet, reason animal is endangered, 8 interesting facts, and 2 reasons why the animal should be saved.
Class Presentation Not presented to the class Presented to the class
10-Question quiz
Created a quiz Created and typed up a quiz. Saved it in Word. Created, typed, saved a quiz, and included some of the required information. Created, typed, saved, and included all required information
None of the required items are included 1-3 of the required items are included 4-5 of the required items are included Persuasive and informative, included 8 important facts and 4 pictures, neat and colorful, everything spelled correctly
Letter Grade Total Score
  Well done, you are now expert researcher and activist on your endangered animal! Congratulations to the class for choosing this endangered animal for adoption. We will follow our adopted animal throughout the school year. All your animals face struggles everyday and fight against the odds for survival. I hope that you will continue to track the progress of your animal and research how you can stay involved in the preservation of our endangered animals.

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