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Animal Classification

  Animals are classified in a variety of ways. This helps scientists to study the relationships in animal groups and to see the whole animal family tree as it has developed through time. The study of animal classification is called taxonomy.
  For this webquest, the students will be grouped into 5 groups. Each group will have one of the following research questions:

Group 1-Why do we classify animals into different categories?

Group 2-Explain the similarities, differences, and characteristics of vertebrates and invertebrates.

Group 3-Explain similarities, differences, and characteristics of Fish and Amphibians.

Group 4-
Explain similarities, differences, and characteristics of Reptiles and Birds.

Group 5-Explain the similarities,differences, and characteristics of mammals compared to another vertebrate group (The group will pick another vertebrate group that will be approved by the teacher).

After the groups have done their research, they will create either a PowerPoint or a foldable book that explains the research topic.
  Read All Before Beginning!

1. The teacher will divide the class into 5 groups.
2. Every student will have a specific job (organizer, researcher, writer, or

3. The teacher will give each group a specific topic to research and present.
Group # 1. Why do we classify Animals into different Categories?�
Group # 2. Explain similarities, differences, and characteristics of Vertebrates

and Invertebrates��
Group # 3. �Fish and Amphibians��
Group # 4. �Reptiles and Birds��
Group # 5. �Mammals and another vertebrate group of choice. Must be approved by the teacher.��

After researching this web quest, reading through the information, and observing

the videos each group may choose to complete Task 1 or Task 2.

Task 1
Create a Power Point Presentation where you explain your topic thoroughly.
Task 2

Create a foldable book where you explain your topic thoroughly.
  Animal Diversity Web-
  Researching and creating a power point or foldable brochure on the important topic of animal classification will help students become experts on the topic. Additionally, they will have different opportunities to collaborate with one another, to show their artistic creativity, and to practice not only their reading and writing skills but also their listening and speaking skills. After students present their topic to the rest of the class, they have a chance to vote on the best project and to display them.

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