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  Students! People from the city have forgotten what a great sport basketball is. Do an Imovie explaining and telling me the history of basketball. Basketball can depend on your excillance.
  Students will make a imovie to teach them about the history of basketball
1.Describe invention of basketball
2.Explain the original rules of basketball
3.Tell me about the creation of the Nba
4.List all profesional organization assosiated with basketball
5.Explain the physical benfits of playing basketball.
  In this project it is necessary to makeYour imovie one hour long.Include every single thing in every explaination you give. Suggestions i give you is to make each explanition nice nd clear . Use my wesites to help you answer the questions .

  -Students will make imovie 1 hour long 30 points
-Students will explain or describe the invention of the game 5 points
-Students will explain the original rules of basketball 10 points
-Students will tell me the creation of the NBA 10 points
-Students will list all professionals of basketball 5 points
-Students will explain the physical benefits of basketball 5 points
-Students will add voice to the video 5 points
-Students will clearly relate to the concept of basketball 30 points
  Thank you for completing your imovie! In this lesson you learned the history of basketball, the invention of the game, original rules of basketball, all the basketball professionals and you also learned the physical benefits of playing basketball. You also explained it .Now what are the steps to be a good basketball player?

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