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Classifying Triangles


  Triangles are polygons with three sides, and they can be classified by their sides and their angles. By completing this webquest, you will learn how to classify triangles.
  Your job is learn how to classify triangles by following the directions below and completing the worksheet.
  What are the classifications of triangles? Use the information at to complete your worksheet. Alternate between your worksheet and the webquest until you have completed the worksheet.
  Do you know how to classify triangles? Put your knowledge to the test by clicking the start button in the practice section at Be sure to record your times on your worksheet.
  Your grade for this lesson will be determined by the following: 1) Did you successfully complete the webquest and worksheet? 2) Did you stay on task while we were in the lab?
  Now that you have completed the webquest, write a short paragraph telling me: 1)what you liked about the webquest 2) what you disliked about the webquest 3) if you learned how to classify triangles by completing the webquest.

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