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Cyber Bullying


  Cyberbullying is a growing epidemic. It is people being mean to other people on social networking sites such as My Space, Facebook and through text messages or email.
  How do you know if someone is a cyberbully? How do you know if you are the victim or if you are being a cyberbully?
  Answer truthfully and honestly, there is no right or wrong answer:
1. Do you receive or send messages to others?
2. Do you feel good about what people are posting about you?
3. Do you post nice stuff about others?
If you answered yes than you are not a cyberbully and you are not being cyberbullied. If you said no please continue with answering questions:
1. Did you receive a message, email or read a post about you that made fun of you or made you feel bad?
2. Did you have a fight with someone and now they are spreading rumors about you?
3. Do you feel alone?
Good news you are not alone!
  Cyberbullying needs to STOP! Please go to

Watch the play Choices by Louisville Based Theater Group

Report any messages you receive that are not nice or by your friends. If someone is saying mean things or posting rumors please do not keep it to yourself, tell an adult, a teacher, a parent or another family member.
  If you believe you are a victim of cyberbullying contact me by email, by phone or in person. I do care. I am here for you, you are not alone and do not need to keep quiet anymore.

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