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Dinosaur Bones


  Today we will be learning about the remaining evidence left by the Dinosaurs, which are their bones. You will become an honorary paleontologist and discover all about dinosaur bones and fossils!
  You will have to go to different websites to read and learn about Dinosaur bones and fossils as well as the process to find and care for them.
  But before you can begin you must choose a friend to become a paleontologist with you to help.

After looking at all of the websites you must answer, in a word document, these questions;

1. What is the professional name for a person who finds dinosaur bones?

2. What year was the one of the first dinosaur bone discovered? Who discovered it and where did they find it?

3. Which country has had the most dinosaur bones found in it?

4. Where was the first dinosaur bone found in Australia?

5. How many dinosaurs have been discovered in Australia?

6. Write a short story about you and your friend discovering a new type of dinosaur; remember to give it an original name.
  The top dinosaur hunters of all time!

The big deal about Palaeontologists

When was the first dinosaur discovered?

Dinosaur discoveries

Australian Dinosaurs
Australian Dinosaur sites
  Now you are a knowledgeable Archaeologist! If you are finished and still have time to spare then you can click on some of the links below and play some Dinosaur games!

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