Name: __________________________ Subject: Alternative Energy Sources


Energy Sources


  As we are becoming more aware of the affects of fossil fuels on the environment, developing different alternative energy sources is important. You and your group members will study the different kinds of alternative fuel sources. Each group will pick one alternative energy source and will create a PowerPoint presentation about the energy source
  You will create a PowerPoint to...
-Explain the process of one alternative fuel source
-List its pros and cons
  You may work individually or in groups for this project. If you choose to work in a group, you must respect the opinion of others and make sure that all the work is distributed equally.
Step 1:
-Get together with your group. Decide on which alternative energy source your group wants to present.
Step 2: Once your group has decided, divide the topic into different parts so that each person can research something on the Energy sources. Your group will want to do research so that you will be able to answer the following questions: What is my alternative energy source? How does my alternative Energy source work? What are some Pros and Cons of my energy source?
Step 3:
-Get with your group members and create a PowerPoint presentation about your energy source.
Step 4:
-With your group members, present your PowerPoint to your classroom
  Your presentation will include:
-One alternative energy source
-How it works
-Its pros and cons
  By performing this activity, you and your group members will have learned about an alternative energy source, and why its important that we invest more money into the research of alternative fuel sources.

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