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Facts on Bullying


  This Webquest is designed to help students understand bullying. They will explore statistics on bullying, the types of bullying, why people bully others, the negative effects, and resolutions to stop bullying.
  Your task is to work in groups of 3 and research bullying. Each student is required to bring together 5-6 facts about each component. The first student will gather facts on why people bully others, the second student will gather facts about the negative effects on bullying, and the third student will gather facts on resolutions to stop bullying. Explain your facts! As a group, investigate the different types of bullying and explain each one. Also provide some statistics about bullying. You will then put all the facts together and create a PowerPoint presentation as a group effort. You must provide information on 10-15 slides and include an example of bullying through a video on one of the slides.
  Work in groups of 3 and research bullying.

1. Assign which student will provide facts for each component. The components are: The types of bullying, Statistics on bullying, why people bully others, the negative effects of bullying, and resolutions to stop bullying. *Don't hesitate to explain your facts.*

2. As a group, explore the types of bullying and statistics on bullying and provide facts. Also, research a video that provides real-life stories on bullying and put the hyperlink into one of the slides. Show the video when you present your project.

3. Explore your research through websites listed under the Resources tab.

4. Bring together your facts as a group and decided the order in which you will present your facts. Please talk about the types of bullying FIRST.

5. On the slides of which the individual research was prepared, provided your name on those slides. (For example, if John researched resolutions to stop bullying, put John's name on those slides that provide resolutions to stop bulling.) You will also present what you have research individually.

6. When creating your presentation, make sure you cite where the information came from. Make a reference page for the last slide on your presentation.

7. When your presentation is finished, print out the PowerPoint in a hand out to give out to your classmates.
  Use these websites to help create your presentation. You are also allowed to use any other useful websites. However, they must be approved by Ms. Lauren or Ms. Christina. Make sure you cite where the information came from.

For your video you can use:
Possible Points= 100
Student's Evidence of Researching Bullying
Group used the websites provided by the WebQuest. 5 points
The five components were addressed. 25 points (5 points for each component)
The research was cited on the slides. 5 points
Was the video an accurate representation of bullying? 10 points
__________________ out of 45

Overall Group Presentation and Organization
Students were prepared and organized in presenting. 5 points.
Students displayed creativity throughout each slide. 5 points
Each student in the group spoke. 10 points.
The information was accurately and clearly presented. 10 points
The presentation was well put together with facts organized. 10 points
Was the information accurate on the slides? 15 points
___________________out of 55

___________________ out of 100
  Congratulations! You have finished your first webquest assignment!

Make sure your presentation is created to the best of your abilities with much creativity. Refer to the rubric on how you will be graded.

Each one of you should have a more clear understanding of bullying. Bullying affects all types of individuals with all different ages. It's a serious topic that is becoming more serious in schools today. The information you have provided throughout your webquest will be helpful to students who do not know much about bullying.

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