Name: __________________________ Subject: Genetically Modified Organisms




  In a time in which the world population is skyrocketing, having enough food for everyone is important. That is why Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) are important in feeding the world population. Because genetically modified crops yield more crops than conventional crops, they are essential in feeding the world population.
  You will create a PowerPoint presentation to...

-Explain what Genetically modified organisms are
-Explain how Genetically modified organisms are made
-Identify pros and cons of genetically modified crops
  You may work individually or in groups for this project. If you choose to work in a group, you must respect the opinion of others and make sure that all the work is distributed equally.
Step 1:
-Using online resources or books, research about genetically modified organisms. Research about genetically crops, and also about its pros and cons.
Step 2:
-Get together with your group, if you chose to work in a group. If not, you may continue to work alone. Divide your research into a section about Genetically modified organisms,the process in which organisms are modified, and about the pros and cons of genetically modified crops
Step 3:
-Create a PowerPoint presentation divided into those sections
Step 4:
-With your group members, present your PowerPoint to your classroom
  Your presentation should include:

-Genetically modified organism
-How are GMO's are made
-Genetically modified crops
-Pros and cons of GMO's
  By performing this activity, you and your group members will have learned about what GMO's are, and how they are made. You will have also learned the pros and cons of GMO's. By completing this project, you will have learned about the importance of GMO's in providing for the world's food needs.

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