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Shakespeare Web Quest


  Shakespeare can be considered one of the most influencial writers in the history of literature.
  Using the text, create your own reenactment of MacBeth portrayed through a modern day television show. This can either be filmed or performed live in front of the class.
  Pick a scene from the story, and familiarize yourselves with the details of that section of MacBeth.

Choose a television show in which your group would like to base production off of.

RESEARCH! Choose at least 3-5 sources that will aid your group in the understanding of the story.

Produce a storyboard and script that will be help in the filming of your show and will be handed in the day your show premiers.

SHOW TIME! Perform your reenactment in front if the class.
  Students are provided with tools (usually web sites), or leads to tools that can help them complete the task. In order for this to be valuable, a teacher must thoroughly review each source.
  The outcome for Web Quests is usually a product, in most cases, in
form of a written/oral report or multimedia presentation.
  Effective Web Quests have a built in mechanism for student reflections. To receive feedback, you can survey your students about their experience, or have the students send you an e-mail sharing their thoughts.

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