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Romeo and Juilet Web Quest


  In order to fully appreciate and understand a work of literature, it is important to acquire background knowledge on the time period in which it was written, the person who wrote it, and a common language with which to discuss it. Studying Elizabethan England, Shakespeare, and literary terms will help you to enjoy Romeo and Juilet.
  The Task
To prepare for reading Romeo and Juliet, you will work in groups to find information about the following aspects of Elizabethan England and Shakespeare's life.

1.Historical and Social Context
2.Intellectual and Religious Life
3.Marriage Customs
4.The Elizabethan Theater
5.Shakespeare's Life
6.Literary Terms Relating to Shakespeare's Works
You will be responsible for answering questions about each topic, presenting your responses to the rest of the class, and taking notes on the presentations of other groups.
  In this section, the teacher With your group, answer the questions for your category, using the links on this WebQuest. You may want to decide in advance who will answer each question. You will then prepare a lesson to share what you have learned with the class. Students will be responsible for taking notes in answer to all the questions on all the topics.
  Students are provided with tools (usually web sites), or leads to tools that can help them complete the task. In order for this to be valuable, a teacher must thoroughly review each source.
  You will present your information with a poster to the class. In addition to this you take notes from each of the other group's work. Posters will be displayed in the classroom.
  Effective Web Quests have a built in mechanism for student reflections. To receive feedback, you can survey your students about their experience, or have the students send you an e-mail sharing their thoughts.

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