Grade: Kindergarten, 1st Grade
Subject: Fall
All About Apples
Names of different apples, color of the apples, where apples grow.

Expected Outcome Of This Lesson Plan-
1.To provide a creative art experience for the students, while gaining insight of apples.
2.To explain to the children where apples grow and how they change color with the season.
3.To see the knowledge of the children knowing what foods have apples in them.
Teacher Objectives-
1.To introduce the students to the idea that apples grow on trees.
2.To develop knowledge on the different types of apples and their colors.
3.To practice the listening skills of the children when listening about the types of apples I am going to be talking about.
-Apples; red delicious, yellow golden, and granny smith green apples.
-Construction Paper
-Finger Paint; red, green, and brown.
-Paper plates
Teaching Methods-

1. Lesson Introduction-

1.Asking the children if they have ever been to Linvilla Orchards.
2.Show the children different types of apples and ask them questions on the different colors.
3.The questions would be:
Are all the apples the same color?
Has anyone ever seen an apple tree?
What foods have apples in them?
Has anyone ever picked their own apples?
Do all apples come from the same trees?

2. Lesson Progression-

1.Pick two children to partake in the activity.
2.Explain to the children the activity we are going to create and what procedures we need to follow.
3.Show my example of what the apple tree activity.

3. Guided Practice-

1.Making an Apple tree using finger painting.

4. Student Practice-

1.The children will get a smock, a blue piece of construction paper with a circle on it, a white piece of construction paper, a pair of scissors, glue, and three different color paints on three paper plates; red for the apples, green for the leaves, and brown for the tree trunk.
2.First, the children will write their name on the piece of white paper. Then the children will place the side of their hand in the brown paint and onto the blue construction paper to make the tree trunk inside the circle.
3.Next, the children will dip their index finger into the green paint and stamp many times on the blue construction paper making leaves.
4.Lastly, the children will dip their pinkie finger into the red paint and dab red dots on the blue construction paper over top of the green leaves to indicate apples.
5.The children will then cut out the circle and glue the circle onto their white piece of construction paper.
6. The children will then wash their hands and take off their smocks.

5. Learner Accommodations-

1.Having Mrs. Melisi helping me explaining the lesson as well as the activity to the children.

6. Assessment-

1.To assess the apple tree project, I would follow up by asking what they liked about the project.
2.I would ask the children what their favorite color apple is.
3.I would ask the children what do they think happens to the apple tree when the season changes?

7. Lesson Closure-

1.Cleaning up the materials after the apple tree project is complete.
2.Having the children resume play time in the classroom.
Measuring Student Progress-
1.I would measure their progress of this activity for this grade level by seeing how well the children used their fine motor skills when cutting out the circle.
2.I would also look at their facial expressions during the project and after the project to see if they are proud of the apple tree that they have created when complete.

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