Grade: High School
Subject: Mime
creating music for a mime performance
mime, style and tempo, instrumental music

Expected Outcome Of This Lesson Plan-
1.Using "Garage Band", create a soundtrack to a mime
2.Match the mood and tempo of the mime to music
3.Edit music and add effects to make the music fit the time of the mime
Teacher Objectives-
1.Students will select and edit a piece of music.
2.Students will perform a mime to the music created.
3.Students will evaluate each other on appropriateness and effectiveness.
Garage Band, iTunes library, Apple computer
Teaching Methods-

1. Lesson Introduction-

1.Introduce Garage Band.
2.Give an overview of the library of sounds and effects.
3.Show templates available.

2. Lesson Progression-

1.Bring in a song from iTunes.
2.Add an effect.
3.Cut a song down.

3. Guided Practice-

1.Students will bring in multiple songs and cut to fit a given time.
2.Students will bring in multiple effects and add between songs.
3.Students will save their work to the desktop.

4. Student Practice-

1.Students will pick a mime from the class to set to music.
2.Students will edit music to fit that mime.
3.Students will play the music with the mime group.

5. Learner Accommodations-

1.Students will be allowed to partner if unable to operate a computer independently.
2.Students will be allowed to perform with a mime group only if hearing impaired.

6. Assessment-

1.Students will play their music for other students and be peer evaluated.
2.Students will re-edit for time or inappropriate matching.
3.Students will put on a mime show with mime groups and music.

7. Lesson Closure-

1.The mime show will provide closure.
2.Other classes will be invited to watch the mime show.
Measuring Student Progress-
1.Students will be evaluated on appropriate music to the mood of the mime chosen.
2.Students will be evaluated on timing, effects and editing of the music.

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