21st Century Skills Rubric
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Students display appropriate presentation skills with correct written structure, spelling, grammar, and organization utilizing basic forms of technology
Students demonstrate creative use of technology to enhance the basic forms of presentation skills.
Students use critical thinking to produce comprehensive, supported integrated conclusions using current innovative technology tools.
Students demonstrate outstanding proficiency in presentation skills integrating various forms of technology across the curriculum.
Students have a knowledge of search engines to conduct basic research.
Students have the ability to perform content-specific research in an efficient manner.
Students be able to perform an educated analysis of relevant research data.
Students have the ability to refine and expand searches for in-depth exploration of the topic.
Students primarily work alone with or without the use of technology.
Students have opportunities to utilize collaborative tools (email) in conventional ways.
Students have the opportunity throughout the day and across subject areas to use technology tools to facilitate collaboration.
Students use technology to construct, share and publish knowledge to a worldwide audience.
Global Awareness
Students have a basic understanding of global connectedness.
Students understand the effects technology has in linking cultures, religions, economies and nations.
Students creatively use technology to exemplify global connectedness.
Students actively engage others in becoming globally connected using technology.

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