ADHD Behavior Monitor (pt. 1)
Name: ________________________ Date: ________________________

Title: ____________________________

Child is able to read in the quiet area provided for 15 minutes without being distracted.
Completely distracted
Read for 5 minutes without distraction
Read for 10 minutes without distraction
Read for 15 minutes without distraction
Child is able to follow instructions fully to complete a center.
Did not follow directions at all
Followed few directions
Followed most directions
Followed all directions
Sustains attention to task in small group setting.
Does not sustain attention
Sustains attention for 5 minutes
Sustains attention for 10 minutes
Sustains attention for 15 minutes
Does not make careless mistakes on worksheets or tests (misread question, skip question, ect)
5 or more careless mistakes
3 - 4 careless mistakes
1 - 2 careless mistakes
No careless mistakes
Stays seated during center using cushion or ball.
Get up three or more times
Get up twice
Get up once
Remains seated

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