Attitude and Effort

Title: ____________________________

Refuses to participate. "I don't care" attitude.
Will participate with prodding. Able to change to a more positive attitude.
Ready to participate. Comes with a postitive attitude and stays positive.
Consisitently ready to participate. Supports others. Works to include others. Enthusiastic.
Does not bring materials. Work turned in late. Materials and space are messy and disorganized.
Some missing materials. Work is sometimes turned in late. Materials and space are sometimes messy and disorganized.
Prepared with all materials. Work done on time. Materials and space organized and neat.
Prepared with all materials. Manages time and produces best work. Materials and space are organized, neat, and precise. Reminds others to be ready.
Respect For Others
Disrupts others. Unsupportive comments. Unwilling to work with others.
Occasionally disrupts. Occasionally makes unsupportive comments. Prodding needed to work with others.
No disruptions. Polite to others. Regualarly ready to work with others.
No disruptions. Supportive of others. Takes leadership role.
Does not ask for help. Needs frequent clues to begin tasks.
Sometimes asks for help when needed. Sometimes requires cues to begin work. Generally revises work.
Regularly asks for help when needed. Regularly ready to work. Regularly revises work.
After trying independently, always asks for help. Consistently goes beyond expectations. Always puts forth best effort.
Inattentive, disengaged, and distracted.
Inconsistent engagement. Sometimes distracted.
Focused, involved, asks relevant questions, and makes relevant comments.
Attentive, involved. Initiates discussion. Encourages others. Helps bring back focus.

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