American History
Class Preparedness

Title: ____________________________

Read current chapter as homework, use highlighter and show a general understanding of the material.
Did not read material and has no understanding of the topics.
Did not finish reading the chapter(s) and has a limited knowledge of the topics.
Finished reading the chapter, highlighted effectively and shows a basic knowledge of the material.
Read the chapter thoroughly, highlighted effectively and has good understanding of material.
Answer all section and review questions from the book in complete sentences.
Did not answer any questions.
Answers only some of the questions, or all without complete sentences.
Answers all questions but with as little effort and detail as possible.
Answers all questions well, in complete sentences and seems to have taken their time doing so.
Complete extra worksheets, assigned reading and take-home tests due for the week, using outside resources when necessary.
Does not complete extra assignments.
Does extra assignments half way or incompletely.
Finishes extra assignments sloppily, with as little effort as possible,without using extra resources when needed to find an answer.
Finishes all extra assignments neatly, and completely.
Participate in the weekly oral quiz, be prepared to answer questions on the spot.
Is unprepared to answer, or guess on any questions. Does not make an effort.
Is at least making guesses, even if answers are incorrect.
Answers some questions, and makes an effort to participate.
Gets some questions correct and participates throughout the quiz.

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