Collage and Journal Entry
Name: ________________________ Date: ________________________

Title: ____________________________

Time and Effort
Student did not use class time wisely. Student put forth little to no effort in completing assignment.
Student did not use all time wisely but did put forth some effort in completing assignment.
Student used most of class time wisely and put forth effort in completing assignment.
Student demonstrated great time management skills and put forth a great deal of effort while completing assignment.
Following Directions
Student did not follow teacher's directions.
Student followed some of the directions but not all.
Student followed most of the directions given for the assignment but neglected one minor detail.
Student followed all directions given for the assignment.
Student's collage does not reflect "individual" creativity. Student did not show initiative or effort in this category.
Student showed some effort in creativity.
Student's collage reflects effort in the category of creativity.
Student's collage is creative and reflects the student's unique personality and creativity.
First Journal Entry
Student did not complete the first journal entry.
Student's first journal entry was incomplete and lacked detail either in content, organization or neatness.
Student completed journal entry.
Student's journal entry was complete, descriptive, organized and neat.

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