Inquiry Investigation Project
Name: ________________________ Date: ________________________

Title: ____________________________

Information is descriptive, makes sense and is in your own words.
Copied straight from computer or book, doesn't make sense, hardly any information.
Basic information, some of it is copied, some doesn't make sense, isn't in order.
information in own words, makes sense, good amount of info,
Lots of information that is descriptive, makes sense, all in own words, thought of audience.
Presentation of finished project
Messy presentation, rips, marks, etc.
Needs improvement on presentation, a few marks, not very neatly presented.
Tried hard, but presentation could be better. Laid out in order.
Excellent presentation. Neat and tidy. Laid out correctly.
Punctuation and editing
no punctuation, information hasn't been edited.
Some spelling mistakes, some punctuation but in wrong places, not much editing.
punctuation is used, mostly correctly, some spelling mistakes, edited, but some mistakes not fixed.
Proof read- all mistakes fixed, correct punctuation. Correct editing. No spelling mistakes.

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